Show Us Your Short-Shorts Editors’ Prize Winners & Finalists

Congratulations to our winning stories and finalists.

FIRST: “Cut” by Deb Jannerson
SECOND: “Regulars” by Jen Knox
THIRD: “Aftermath” by Samantha Madway



“Hearing the Siren Song” by Soramimi Hanarejima | “The Intern” by Veronica Abrams | “It’s All Good” by Brittany Ackerman | “Oarsmen Wanted” by Joe Milan Jr. | “The O’Connors,” “One Afternoon at the Open” and “Wind Bag” by Barry Peters

Each winner receives prize money [1st: $125, 2nd: $75, 3rd: $25] and publication in our Spring 2018 Print Issue (out in April), as well as online publication on January 29. Finalists will also be published online in February and March.

Congratulations to our winners and finalists!

Pushcart Prize Nominees 2017


“Ducks” by Mark Jacobs (Fall 2017)

“However Innocently, However Unwit

tingly” by Robert McKean (Spring 2017)

“PAIR” by Laura Witz (Spring 2017)


“Greyhound People” by Amber Parker (Fall 2017)


“IUD Insertion” by Daryl Sznyter (Fall 2017)

“More than Not (II)” by Rush Rankin (Fall 2017)

Pushcart Prize Nominees 2016

Fiction: “Light on Dimmed Bodies” by K. L. Morris | Spring 2016

“Fraud” by Elizabeth Genovise | Fall 2016

“Around the Town” by Nels Hanson | Fall 2016

Nonfiction: “Blind” by Cris Harris | Spring 2016


Fiction: “Damn Eurydice” | Máiréad Casey
“Durty Diana” | D. A. Watson
“The Power Cord” | Elaine Ford
“Requiem For Those About to Live” | Pádraig Ó Meiscill

Pushcart Prize Nominees 2014