the Imagination Issue


Spring 2018 | Vol. 03 No. 01

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I am going to tell you now, before I begin, what my conclusion is to my thoughts on the imagination: I believe there is no difference between thinking and imagining, and that they are one.

— Mary Ruefle | On Imagination




In This Issue | Spring 2018

Mira Martin-Parker  Mother’s Face
Robert Vivian  All The Rivers Of My Days
Shoshana Lovett-Graff  Latent
Jameson Currier  How to Obtain an Alfred Hitchcock Physique (and Bonus Dark Psyche)
Heidi Seaborn  30 Seconds
Deb Jannerson  Cut *
Kevin McDaniel  On a water tower in Vietnam
Karen Lee Boren  Breakneck
Jen Knox  Regulars *
Samantha Madway  Aftermath *
Megan Gordon  A Delicate Business
E. J. Evans  I still wonder if growing up
                     It’s easy to forget we’re but little bits

*Placed in the Show Us Your Short-Shorts Editors’ Prize for flash fiction.




Cover Art: “Blue”

Maria-Nicole Ikonomou
Maria-Nicole Ikonomou

Maria-Nicole Ikonomou is an Australian-born female visual artist and illustrator currently based in San Francisco. A self-taught artist, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Modern Literary Studies and minor in Education from University of California, Santa Cruz. Maria-Nicole is best known for her surreal multi-face portraits and greyscale medleys; her primary mediums are ink and colored pencil.

To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram and Tumblr and browse her portfolio at