Cover Artist: Naji Chalhoub

His pictures are impressive, but uncomfortable. They could have been inspired by Franz Kafka and Albert Camus.

— Dr. Jörg Bockow, for Karim Gallery

Naji Chalhoub lives and works in Beirut. He studied interior architecture and design at the USEK Holy Spirit University of Kaslik.

Naji Chalhoub’s “untitled” is the cover for our forthcoming fall 2018 issue.

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His work is marked by his use of pen and paper, utilizing fine lines and recognized for its poetic incessant “scribbles” and recurring symbols, such as the ever loving and protective embrace of a mother and child, flies, symbols of death and decay, and anonymous figures. His work features empty space less rooms, marked by strong lines creating an aura of claustrophobia.

There is a certain loneliness and desperation found within his work.

He is experimenting with his style and creates pieces derived from inspiration from renowned artists, such as Edvard Munch and Francis Bacon.

Karim Gallery