Introspection on Place, Body, and Home: An Interview with Jennie Case

Sawbill: A Search for Place,among many wonderful things, is an homage to a specific place—though one that evolves both as time moves forward and as he narrator discovers more and more about herself, her family, and their roots in the old and unpredictable Sawbill Lodge.

Interview: Deb Jannerson, author of THANKS FOR NOTHING

“Deb Jannerson‘s Thanks for Nothing is a jewel-toned, kaleidoscopic rendering of living among contemporary America’s unkindnesses. Out of pain, Jannerson creates a strange and elemental tableau. Structural inequities, phony concern, and the speaker herself morph into sinister dioramas pasted together from tainted childhood memories and the always-distressing news. The collection’s images traverse seamlessly among nature, pop-culture, mythos, …