The Definition of a Tragedy: Race and the Imagination within 2018 America

It was 2008, and we were in the midst of campaign season, one we'd never quite seen the likes of before. A woman was opposing a Black candidate for the democratic nomination for the office of the President of the United States for the first time in history.


On Being Spread Too Thin

I am a Virgo. What this means, for those of you who don't follow such pastimes as how one's personality traits may or may not align to one's astrological sign, is that I pride myself on structure, organization, punctuality, reliability. I am nothing, I think to myself, if not fifteen minutes early for an appointment, …

The Bodies A Place Can Fit

Where I live, it can still get pretty white as the neighborhood has become quite expensive, and so I cherish the businesses in which I feel free to be myself, both in my expression of gender as in the range of bodies and identities that serve me my cup of coffee, or my panini.

City Underwater

Editor's note: Unless otherwise noted, photos were virally shared via social media. In fifth grade, we were assigned a research project that would take the form of a report, presented in front of the class. The research project was meant to focus on a news event from some time in the past. I can’t remember the …