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Do you pay?

YES! We are proud to say that for our third print volume, we will be able to pay our writers. For now, it’s a token payment, but we hope to increase this in the future. Payments for prose and poetry varies depending on funding.

The range for prose is $15 – $50 and $10 – $35 for poetry.

Payment is remitted upon publication. We also offer our contributors a free digital download of the issue (ePub format which is compatible with iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and most other e-readers on tablets and the web).

If your poem or flash fiction is selected for publication on the site, you will also receive payment upon publication. The payment for online publication varies as well depending on funding, but the minimum payment is $10.

Do you accept previously published work?


Where can I find out the theme of the next issue?

Nowhere. Themes are derived from the material selected. So submit your best work!

What are you looking for?

Read an issue to get a feel. If you like what you read, submit. We don’t follow a checklist. What we want is well-crafted stories and poems.

When do you put out print issues?

We publish print issues biannually, each April/May and October.

Why do you charge a reading fee?

The fee we charge through Submittable is a submission fee (not a reading fee). The charge is to help offset the monthly fee charged to us by Submittable to use their service. It is a convenience, but it is not the only way to submit. We are happy to take all general submissions via snail mail. Please send your work (and include an SASE for a response) to:

The Flexible Persona
c/o Cheska Lynn
P.O. Box 776
Troy, NY 12180


Why do you offer digital contributor copies now instead of print?

Because now we pay. The production of a print issue is expensive, and because this is an independent journal with no institutional backing, we had to make a decision. In the end, payment won out. If you prefer the print copy to the payment, you can use the payment to purchase the print copy. It’s win-win.

How come I can’t mail in my contest submission?

Contests are outside of normal submissions in that they help fund the journal throughout the year via entry fees; however, they also pay out more. Our staff is completely volunteer, so every dollar taken in is used to support the production of the journal or passed on to our writers.