“Holding Your Breath” by Kemal Onor

My brother had claimed once that he had held his breath for a full twenty-four hours. If it was true, it was quite a feat. He had bested the German record holder by over twenty-three hours. When he was asked his secret, he said it was about getting your heart to stop, so you didn’t need to breathe.

Kemal Onor
Kemal Onor has an MFA in Writing from The Solstice MFA in Writing Program at Pine Manor College. His fiction and poetry has been published in Fictive Dream, West Texas Literary Review, 365 Tomorrows, The Chrononichle, and Pamplemousse. His work is also forthcoming in The Tishman Review, and, in ZPublishing House’s Vermont’s Best Emerging Poets. He has twice won the JSC/VSC Fellowship.