The Imagination

In advance of our upcoming spring print issue, be sure to check out not only the new prose and poetry, but also this essay by Mary Ruefle.


In This Issue | Spring 2018

Mira Martin-Parker  Mother’s Face
Robert Vivian  All The Rivers Of My Days
Shoshana Lovett-Graff  Latent
Jameson Currier  How to Obtain an Alfred Hitchcock Physique (and Bonus Dark Psyche)
Heidi Seaborn  30 Seconds
Deb Jannerson  Cut *
Kevin McDaniel  On a water tower in Vietnam
Karen Lee Boren  Breakneck
Jen Knox  Regulars *
Samantha Madway  Aftermath *
Megan Gordon  A Delicate Business
E. J. Evans  I still wonder if growing up
                    It’s easy to forget we’re but little bits

*Placed in the Show Us Your Short-Shorts Editors’ Prize for flash fiction.

Contributor bios.

Cover Art: “Blue”

Maria-Nicole Ikonomou
Maria-Nicole Ikonomou

Maria-Nicole Ikonomou is an Australian-born female visual artist and illustrator currently based in San Francisco. A self-taught artist, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Modern Literary Studies and minor in Education from University of California, Santa Cruz. Maria-Nicole is best known for her surreal multi-face portraits and greyscale medleys; her primary mediums are ink and colored pencil.

To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram and Tumblr and browse her portfolio at