Shelf check: Happy Halloween

We asked you about the books that gave you nightmares. You gave us these great titles:

Phantoms by Dean Koontz
A malicious, shape-shifing evil older than time decimates a small town and leaves a band of outsiders wondering what happened to the bodies found and where the missing residents have gone.
J.R. | Papillion, Nebraska (U.S.)

It by Stephen King

An evil entity stalks a town every 30 years. The entity kidnaps children and drains them of their blood.
Shirley | Boston, Massachusetts (U.S.)

The Changeling by Victor LaValle
A man regains consciousness chained to a chair, against the searing radiator in his NY apartment. Who is in his home, and what have they done to his wife and child?
Shelley | Ashland, Oregon (U.S.)

Intensity by Dean Koontz

A young woman visits the idyllic home of her college friend, but happy times end abruptly when a serial killer chooses to visit the happy family. The young woman, thinking she’ll bravely save her (already dead) friend, decides to (not-so-covertly) tag along when Mr. Serial-Killer drives away from the carnage in his RV.
Bridgid | Austin, Texas (U.S.)

Hell House by Richard Matheson
Four strangers investigate a haunting in Maine. The book haunted me by day and creeped into my dreams.
Ben | USA