Maybe you read TFP’s Monday flash as you sit behind your desk or on your phone on the subway on the way to work or as you pour your morning coffee/tea/green sludge/chocolate chip smoothie.

Maybe you have a stack of flash that you haven’t yet submitted or that keeps getting rejected. Try out our contest.  Because it’s new, it’s not yet popular. And not yet popular usually  means better odds. And better odds …
Entering the contest also makes you eligible for regular publication should your piece not be selected for the prizes (1st, 2nd & 3rd).
in 2018, TFP will pay writers for both print and online publication. See our FAQ page for details. The entry fee is $6.* You can submit up to three pieces in one document. Be a part of TFP history and submit to our first ever Editors’ Prize.
Ready! Set! Go!


*Unlike regular submissions that can be mailed to TFP in lieu of the online submission fee, this entry fee is mandatory to participate in the contest. The entry fee contributes to the journal’s operating costs. TFP is an unaffiliated, independent journal with an all-voluteer staff.