Sniff by Daniel Aristi

It is happening in the neighborhood. Hey. I mean, not just rocky-core downtown but in the outer rings of exurbia people are busy sniffing scents of the past, too.

The new craze: like pinches o’ snuff, they all now travel back in time spraying little cans of old fragrances, like Friday Afternoon Empty Classroom, Freshly Unwrapped Recording Tape, and Wet Puppy.

The best brand is Memory Lane ™.

So, we sneak down to our beginnings and after a while come back gasping through the frozen pond of now. Ain’t pretty, often we cry, they’re all crying.

There is the business side to consider as well – conservative estimates say more than 50 billion a year. And it is such a place-specific industry. Like, what did a school bus smell like in Oslo?

Get them factories churning US vapors: we want grandma.

aristiDaniel was born in Spain. He studied French Literature as an undergrad (French Lycée in San Sebastian). He now lives and writes in Switzerland with his wife and two children. Daniel’s work is forthcoming or has been recently featured in Queen’s Ferry Press Anthology ‘Best of Small Fictions 2016’, Superstition Review, Permafrost, and New Plains Review. Daniel is a Pushcart nominee (2015). He can be contacted at