Shelf Check: The Great. The Good. The Meh.

We’re still loving the responses to our first Shelf Check survey. Keep an eye out for our next survey. Let’s keep it going.

Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

“Wonderful collection of “Kingesque” dark stories by one of the best writers in the horror genre. King proves that the simplest story can make our blood curdle 

as we rise above our fears, gasping for air and crying out for more…more…more.”

 Dorothy | Green Bay, Wisconsin

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

 “A bit boring. Not as good as I remembered it.”

 Laura | Glasgow, Scotland

Dreamland by Sam Quinones

 “An investigation into the roots of the widespread opiate epidemic in the United States, told through artful narrative that had me talking about the book nonstop after I finished it. Be prepared to feel all of the feelings–sometimes all at once.”

Cheska | Asheville, North Carolina

The Circle by Dave Eggers

“Like ants helpless before an ant bait trap, people consuming too much social media agree to forgo privacy and hand over all aspects of their lives to a social media tech company.”

Tania | San Jose, California

The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam by Bảo Ninh, Phan Thanh Hảo (Translator)

 “A North Vietnamese soldier attempts to come to terms with the effects of war through writing.”

 Sandra | Marietta, Ohio