Welcome to TFP Wednesdays

Welcome to TFP Wednesdays. Because we publish only two print issues a year, and reposting the “content” of the day–making its rounds on the internet–is not what we’re about, we offer this instead in the interim: The editors will embark on a series of short essays that we hope will connect with you, readers and writers alike.

We will also publish your flash fiction and creative nonfiction in the ‘In Brief’ section, with the newest piece appearing top center of the homepage. You may have also recently responded to a survey of what you’re currently reading or have just finished reading (and if you did not, we encourage you to do so in the future). Crowdsourced topics (among other miscellany) will be featured in ‘Et Cetera.’

In the future, look to TFP Wednesdays for musings, humor, discussion of craft, and whatever strikes the fancy of our charming, talented, and kind editorial staff. Most importantly, we want to be a break from the tedium of the day. A warm place to land, if even for three minutes.